Jesus Youth Singapore


CS Registration – 13 April 2019 (Direct Link)

Registration Guidelines

1) All participants are to ensure that they are medically and physically fit for this event.
2) First time participants are advised to choose only shorter distances, preferably less than 10km.
3) The distance & walking time specified is a rough gauge after factoring in occasional halts for relaxation.
4) This is a non-competitive walk and there is no registration charge involved.
5) Minors are allowed to participate in this event only if accompanied by his/her parent/guardian.
6) Participants taking part in this event will be doing so at their own will and the organizers shall not be responsible or liable whatsoever for any claim, action, injury or death or any other damages arising whilst participating in this event.
7) The intention of this journey is to meditate on the passion of Christ and to reflect on our lives while praying for ourselves, others and for Singapore.
8) Crucis Singapura is on April 13, Saturday.

Online Registration for Crucis Singapura 2019:
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