Crucis Singapura 2021

Crucis Singapura

About Crucis Singapura

An Annual Lenten event organised at the Archdiocesan level where young people are encouraged to reflect on the Passion of Christ and to partake in the Lord’s suffering by walking barefoot across the island in paths marking the sign of the Cross. This year the event has been modified to suit the current circumstances

Crucis singapura 2021


St. Paul was the only apostle who had not seen Jesus in person; yet his personal encounter with the Risen Christ set the stage for a dramatic conversion and a life of discipleship and evangelization. Christ called Saul to follow Him; from then he became Paul – the instrument chosen to bring the Good News to Gentiles and Israelites.

In our journey of faith, we may have encountered the Lord many times; during life-changing events or even in times of quiet prayer. But conversion is what happens to us incessantly. It is the call to surrender our lives every day more and more to Christ, to allow Him to change our hearts and make us his own. What follows is our commitment to the Lord as His disciples, our decision to follow Him and lead others to Him.



The Lenten Reflection will revolve around the journey of St. Paul from his encounter to his ongoing conversion, culminating in his love for the Cross as a true disciple of Christ. 


The reflections will lead the participants through an examination of their own faith journey with all its ups and downs and invite them to continue to be open to on-going conversion. The sessions aim to invoke a response of returning to the Lord, to the Church and the Sacraments and become true disciples of Jesus. 


The reflections will be shared across three episodes broadcast on consecutive days, with each episode focusing on a single theme. The finale on the fourth day will have a guided worship session and time of intercession before a venerated cross.