Rosarium Fiesta 2013

Event Date(s): 
Tue, 2013-10-01 - Thu, 2013-10-31

Dear Friends in Christ,

October, the month of the Holy Rosary, is a special month for Catholics all around the world, the time when we renew our love and devotion to our Holy Mother Mary, through the meditation and recitation of the rosary. In conjunction with this Jesus Youth Singapore is observing the month of October as “Rosarium Fiesta” - Celebration of Rosary.
The aim of this celebration is to promote daily rosary among the Catholics in Singapore, especially the youth. The main attractions of Rosarium Fiesta 2013 are follows:
Rosary Army:
Rosary Army is a group of Prayer Warriors committed to Defend the Church & Save Souls by reciting the Rosary and offering the Holy Eucharist.Each Year we pray for a specific intention. In the first Year (Oct 2013 ~ Oct 2014) we pray for the Catholic Priests in Singapore.
Rosary Cells:
We encourage everyone to form Rosary Cells of 3 to 5 people – Cell members will recite rosary everyday at same time where ever they are and encourage each other to recite rosary daily. We can also call one person and pray at least one decade of Rosary together over phone.
Statue Visit:
Statue of Mother Mary will visit our houses from Oct 1st till 31st. If you wish to have the statue visit at your house, please contact Aji @ 9362 2698 or . 
Rosary in MRT:
On October 7, everybody take Rosary out and pray on our way to work/school 
Final Procession:
Rosary Procession and Eucharistic Celebration. Mary Mount Chapel. 5-9 pm on Oct 26, Saturday