Walking in the Faith - 'Crucis Singapura'

Date: 28th March 2015

Attendees: All Ages

Location: Starting from 12 Defined Routes & Meeting at Final Destination Church of the Holy Spirit


Every year, for the past five years, Christ's passion has been remembered in a most touching and meaningful manner by the faithful in Singapore. Crucis Singapura - a Jesus Youth initiative - has been an integral part of the Lenten observances for many who love to practice the oft-neglected virtue of self-denial. It is an opportunity for pilgrims to share in a small measure, in the Lord's passion, by undertaking a prayerful and contemplative, barefoot walk.

On the 28th of March this year, young and old, healthy and ailing, Christians and non-Christians, hearts aflame with love for Christ, took part in Crucis Singapura, walking from the North, South, East and West of Singapore, tracing the sign of the cross over the island. The pilgrims paid no heed to the blistering heat or the pouring rain as they walked barefoot, while meditating and praying the Stations of the Cross, the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary, interceding specially for the various intentions of the Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Singapore.

The 134 participants walked and prayed in pairs, while following pre-determined routes that started from twelve different locations. St.Peter's Group which started their walk from Joo Koon MRT, covered a distance of 23 kms, taking over seven hours, to reach the final destination - Church of the Holy Spirit on Upper Thomson Road. St. John's, St.Matthew's and St. Simon's groups, started by 9am from Woodlands, Pasir Ris and Chinese Garden MRT respectively. For the not-so-agile members and those with small children, there were shorter routes like the one that started from Bishan and covered 2.3 kms.

Though spiritually recharged, the weary body was nourished with hot porridge at their arrival at Church of the Holy Spirit. A vibrant Praise and Worship session, followed by a time of prayer and blessing by Fr. Benedict Chng (Asst. Parish Priest - Church of the Holy Spirit), saw the conclusion to Crucis Singapura 2015. 


"I had very bad neck and back pain on 28th morning, and I was unsure if I could complete the walk because of my pain. But with my group members' encouragement and support I managed to cover the whole route. After the walk, while praying in the chapel, I realised that I had not felt any pain for a while now. The Lord had healed me while I was walking barefoot on the burning ground, contemplating His suffering."
Mrs. Victoria Gabriel, a 1st time participant, who walked from Woodlands (16 kms)

"This is the 4th year that I am a part of Crucis Singapura. This barefoot walk gives me the beautiful experience of sharing in a minuscule part of the pain that Jesus suffered during his Passion. Although I started the walk quite confident that the going would not be too difficult, after about 10 kms, I experienced severe leg cramps. But without complaining, I persevered on in prayer, knowing that my pain was nothing compared to what my Lord had suffered."
Jibin George Augustine who walked from Chinese Garden (16 kms)

"Though I had always wanted to be a part of Crucis Singapura, I was never able to, for one reason or the other. This year I decided to make this sacrifice for my Lord, come what may! In the initial part of the walk, I found myself distracted with a multitude of thoughts, as also with the unwelcome attention of strangers who were staring at us walking barefoot, mumbling prayers. But as I kept praying, I was able to offer my pain and distractions to my loving Saviour. I also enjoyed the beauty of nature as I had never done before and gave thanks to God for all He had done for me, especially for dying for my sins on the cross. The walk re-awakened in my soul, a more profound sense of gratitude."
Seema Thomas who walked from Yio Chu Kang (4.3 kms)

Prepared by : Jimna Joshy

Walking in the Faith - 'Crucis Singapura'
Walking in the Faith - 'Crucis Singapura'
Walking in the Faith - 'Crucis Singapura'