Crucis Singapura


 Crucis Singapura

- A faithful journey through the roads of Singapore.

April 16, 2011 - The most awaited day for the Jesus Youth in Singapore, a day written in golden letters! Faith was our strength, Love our fuel and Jesus passion the reason. Heaven showered abundant blessings when passionate Jesus Youth, barefooted walked through the Singapore roads meditating on the Passion of our Lord. The members initially divided themselves into four groups and then started their walk from the four corners (North, South, East & West) of the island nation to the centre - Novena Church, marking a BIG sign of the cross across Singapore. 


The first group started the journey at 7:00 am from Joo Koon, the beginning of ‘Crucis Singapura’, a 22 km barefooted way of the cross towards Novena. Subsequently 9 other groups started their journey from Pasir Ris, Pungol, Harbourfront, etc. Bearing the sun, braving the showers, treading on wet mud accompanied by many curious stares, the journey became even more challenging when their legs started paining even before they were close to the final destination. It was contemplations of the Stations of the Cross and the extreme love, which Jesus showed on his way to Calvary that kept them going, they say. By 3.30 pm all the groups reached Novena with much passion and spiritual joy in their faces. They were filled with spiritual strength of having meditated on the sorrowful passion of Jesus covered with the physical tiredness. 


Two volunteers were stationed at Novena church to provide assistance on the route and ensured that the participants completed the walk without any interruptions. All the 65 participants including seminarians, kids and toddlers assembled at Novena Church and received blessings from Fr. Jacob Ong. His warm and welcoming smile encouraged each of us and the message he delivered was surely imprinted on our hearts & minds. Fr. Jacob asked the participants to gaze at the cross and showed the letter “L” from the cross at every angle. It symbolizes the Love, the Love of our Lord Jesus. The greatest message of Jesus’ passion is Love and the motivation of Crucis Singapura was the Love of Jesus, walking his paths.  

The program was concluded with inspiring sharing from the participants. One of the participants shared that the tiny gravel on the road were the most painful ones, like our little sins that become the most painful when ignored. The kids who also joined the walk were overjoyed at this first-time experience and wanted to continue it every year with their parents. Brother Terrence, a seminarian highlighted that each step in the walk became so crucial as the destination was approaching. He also shared how we need to be careful in our lives when we take each step in our Spiritual journey. 

The National coordinator of Jesus Youth Singapore, Shimy Stephen was overjoyed to see so many youth gathered together to mediate on the Lords passion in this manner. Jesus Youth Animator, Dr Julio acknowledges the importance of intercession all through the event. 

Crucis Singapura, was an initiative by the Jesus Youth in Singapore and all the members used this opportunity to pray for the Catholic Church & for the needs of Singapore. We would like to thank our loving God for using us as His powerful instruments. 

 “Let my each steps walk in to the light

Let our prayers be the shining light in the darkness

Let this walk may cleanse my body and mind

Lord,... let me 'SHINE OUT' with your glory..Amen”



Crucis Singapura was a great blessing for me. It was the first time I walked 12.5 kilometers that too barefooted. During the journey, we were meditating on the Way of the Cross, Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet. We also took some time for our own personal reflections and that was the most touching moment for me. When I reflected on the passion of Christ, I was inspired to look deeply into my own life and especially recognize people who have trespassed against me. I spent lot of time praying and asking the Lord for forgiveness. It was a wonderful time of reconciliation with God and also to my brothers and sisters. I was filled with and everlasting peace in my heart that surpassed all understanding. I thank God for this great opportunity and wish to continue Crucis Singapura in the coming years. (Shimy Stephen)

I was initially reluctant to participate in the walk due to other commitments. But I soon realized that the Holy week was fast approaching and felt the need to revive my spirit and thus decided to participate in the walk barefooted. I chose the route with about 14km and did not carry an umbrella in spite of being warned of the weather. It did rain heavily but we pressed on towards the goal, fully drenched!  My foot was hurting and each time the pain became unbearable I remembered Jesus on the Way of the Cross and it motivated me to go forth. During the walks I offered up all my intentions and also the areas I was struggling. It has been a spiritually refreshing experience, being close to Him during the time of the walk and offering up my little suffering as a thanksgiving for all that He has done for me. (John Thomas)

I would like to say a very big thank u to my Lord Jesus Christ, who strengthens me to walk (barefoot) all the way from Potong Pasir to Novena. I had an awesome time with Jesus on that day, especially through the way of the cross, Rosary and Divine mercy that I recited on my way. I thank Jesus for providing the wisdom and courage to all the organizers of 'CRUCIS SINGAPURA'. (Soji K Jose)

Praise the Lord! It was good experience & throughout the journey I could feel the passion of my Jesus. I really appreciate all the members who initiated such a wonderful event. (Beena Antony)

Praise the Lord! My hearty Congratulations to the Crucis Singapura team. It was a wonderful experience for me and I could feel Gods divine protection throughout journey.  I was working in the night shift from the past few days and it was very crucial for me catch some sleep. Thus I decided not to register for the walk, as I thought my reasons were valid. But our JY brothers and sisters encouraged me and I was motivated to register for the walk. I only slept for few hours after my walk and started my journey from Potong Pasir. I was able to finish the walk with His Grace and even went to work the very next hour after the barefooted walk! I realized that when I was ready to take a very small sacrifice, God blessed me a lot.              (Jilu Mathew)

There was a great internal struggle within me before I started the walk, as I was not quite convinced about the barefooted walk! I was meeting someone before the walk for some business matters and was also visiting few of my friends after the journey. I couldn't bare the humiliation once they noticed that I am barefooted. I did not want anyone to know that I was taking part in this walk, as they would think I was crazy! I was afraid that they would think of me as a religious fanatic and wondered they would not be associated with me anymore after this. However, I decided to fight this fear and did not carry sandals from my home itself, so even if I changed my mind there was no escape! But it was fulfilling that with His grace I was able to give first priority to him rather than my friends or colleagues. (Ajith Jacob)

It has been really an insightful journey and a meaningful Way of the Cross for me. Our group walked barefooted from Joo Koon to Novena. I am convinced that it was only because of His Grace that we were able to complete this 22km journey barefooted! In the beginning we were a bit shy to take off our sandals, as we feared that people would stare at us. We were the first group to reach Novena and we give all glory to the Almighty God. (Alphy V  Zacharias)                                                


Fr. Jacob Ong giving final blessing
Crucis Singapura Map
Brochure of this historic journey